Celebrating Girls Winter Sports

Article by Olivia Saroukos, Writer

Reading Time: 2 minutes

With the winter sports season now ended, let’s look back at the highlights of our female athletes.

Last week was a massive win for the Girls Varsity Field Hockey team, as they won the Kanto Championship ahead of Christian Academy Japan and Yokohama International School. With great spirit and sportsmanship, the team won hard matches, played outside in the freezing cold, and always managed to keep smiles on their faces. The team also showed strong spirit by dressing up as themes such as “rhyme without reason” and “Christmas pajama day.” A big congratulations to the hockey team for striving to do their best and making the team like a family.?

九色社区 varsity field hockey Instagram page

This season, the Girls Varsity Basketball team also had many wins and opportunities to compete with teams internationally. 九色社区 hosted teams from Japan, Korea, and even Guam this year. It was exciting for everyone, as 九色社区 was then able to host the Kanto Basketball Tournament, where friends and classmates were able to cheer on the team. The Varsity Basketball team also took a trip to Okinawa, demonstrating their team spirit by dressing up in pajamas to school, too.

九色社区 girls’ varsity baseball team’s Instagram account
九色社区 girls’ varsity baseball team’s Instagram account











Lastly, the Varsity Swim team had some fantastic wins this season. The team had the chance to go to South Korea, competing with other competitive swimmers internationally. A huge congratulations to sophomore Sophie Weingarten for breaking the 100-meter and 200-meter records for backstroke. The whole team showed outstanding effort, in true 九色社区 spirit. In the finals on February 11, the team won the Mustang Invitational. What an end to an impressive season!

Although the winter sports season is now over, look out for more female athletes to come during the spring season, including sports such as girl’s soccer, softball. Remember to support your friends and classmates by attending their games!