The Russia-Ukraine Crisis: A Chronology of a Turbulent History

Article by Sena Chang, Editor

Reading Time: < 1 minute

In the largest conventional attack since World War II, Russian troops invaded Ukraine on February 24 of this year as Western nations, alongside Korea and Japan, scrambled to suffocate Putin’s fragile economy through economic sanctions and other punitive measures.?

This timeline documents the major events that have shaped the crisis at hand, from dozens of political misfires to unsuccessful pacts that both countries have failed to uphold. Hovering over each box will allow you to learn more about the context of the event/period, as well as the main actors involved. In order to navigate the timeline, use the gray slider on the bottom of the screen; for a 2D version of the timeline, click on the bottom left button. Clicking on the “Find Out More” button in each story redirects you to the source of the information and provides a more detailed account of the event.?