A Disney Princess for Black History Month


Article by Gigi Isenberg, Writer

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A Disney Princess for Black History Month

During Black History Month, we recognize what African-Americans have gone through throughout history. We learn and talk about the most famous Black people who played major roles in history and in striving for racial equality. But there are many that go unrecognized for their contributions. One, strangely enough, isn’t even a real person yet has been an amazing role model and icon for so many in the world.

If you were to look at all the Disney princesses, how much diversity is represented? Almost none. Western society still leans toward a beauty standard of white, European features. From a young age little girls and boys watch the Disney princesses and idolize them and their beauty. For girls of fair complexion it is easy to relate to and dress up as these beautiful princesses. As for children with darker complexions, they have to ponder why they don’t look like those characters considered beautiful.?

There is exactly one Black princess: Princess Tiana, in The Princess and The Frog. Tiana is an aspiring chef in New Orleans who ends up on a wild adventure alongside the prince of Maldonia, Prince Naveen. She is hardworking and doesn’t listen when people tell her she can’t do something. She is dedicated and determined and is an amazing role model for millions of children. Not only does this movie have a strong independent black woman as a main character, but there is also representation of African-American culture unique for a? Disney princess movie. Princess Tiana and her family cook gumbo, a dish that originates in West Africa.?The Princess and The Frog is an inspiring movie that recognizes diversity of races and cultures. Princess Tiana represents every child out there that feels underrepresented or different because their society glorifies a type of beauty that only certain races fit into. She deserves our respect and recognition.